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  • We offer industrial advisory services with depth in all segments of automotive OEM and supplier operations.  Adjacent industries of any manufactured products are within our expertise.

  • We help our clients explore new areas of interest and strategic projects, perform due diligence or integrate acquisitions, execute specific programs and robustly deliver with current operations.

  • Our experts have deep domain experience in multiple areas including:

    • Strategy & Marketing

    • Product Development/Execution/Launch

    • Operations & Quality

    • Supply Chain

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Results of Inventev Project Engagements
  • Startup truck electrification company with new automotive-experienced CEO requested Inventev assess their product and vehicle development approach as founders were new to the industry.   Findings ultimately resulted in a pivot to different business model and additional recruitment of industry-experienced personnel.

  • Major OEM committing first assembly plant in central Mexico requested assistance in understanding local environment, talent pool, technical resources, etc.  Inventev created competitive assessments, current situation analysis and physical supplier/university visits

  • Large western U.S. electric and gas utility awarded grant to develop and demonstrate new fleet truck electrification technology with  export power integration to grid.  Inventev wrote vehicle technical specifications, assisted supplier selection, project managed grant program and wrote all project documentation.

  • Transmission Tier 1 supplier with new dual-clutch technology capability was awarded two major OEM programs simultaneously for performance vehicle applications.   For the most-technically complex of the two projects, Inventev led program management for sealing systems and large complex die cast component development, tooling, production try-out, engineering change management, PPAP approvals with tier 2/3’s in Europe and North America

  • A Tier 2 power train component supplier grew beyond their historical engineering function-led program management and requested Inventev to perform a process assessment.   Inventev ultimately recommended and developed a cross-functional structure to manage future project execution.

  • A Detroit-based engineering services company developing a new battery-electric commercial product (effectively a start-up in this space) requires expertise in vehicle-level operations, go-to-market strategies, investor strategies and developing OEM partnership potentials.  Inventev retained as key adviser to connect to large fleet customers and OEMs and support related messaging to prospective investors.

  • An overseas government-backed investment firm required automotive industry expertise in the due diligence phase of a localization joint venture agreement. Inventev assisted with diligence in deal terms, product material cost, royalty/licensing assumptions, plant tools and equipment, supply chain assumptions and alignment to building longer-term capabilities to attract other mainstream OEMs/products.

  • Internally, Inventev applied and was awarded, executed and closed a U.S. Department of Energy ARPA-E grant for internal driveline electrification technology development with OEM (Ford) and supplier (A123, Borg Warner, others) and State of Michigan formal participation.   Separately an Inventev-assigned patent application was written, submitted and two U.S. patents awarded with support from a Detroit-based patent law firm.

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