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Mobility & Infrastructure

Projects to leverage hardware, software and infrastructure can be complex and confusing...especially to municipalities and entities without in-house project capability.   Further, sophisticated solution providers may have service or facility needs not considered core to developing and testing their technologies that are natural targets for outsourcing.  Inventev can help.


 Detroit Advanced Vehicle Integration Center (DAVIC) is an Inventev concept to have a physical presence in an urban center (Detroit) for staging and testing new mobility technology…from sensors to multi-mode mobile apps to autonomous testing.   Your brand activity may not be ready for public disclosure.

  • Inventev is ready as a project management resource to local governments or private fleets to be a staff extension during peak workload tied to special mobility and EV projects

  • Solution developers can focus their teams on their technology rather than manage and maintain the urban test environment

Contact us for information on Physical, Infrastructure or Testing Services we may help you with

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